10+ Mint Health Benefits in Daily Life

Mint Health Benefits

Mint leaves, scientifically known as Mentha arvensis/ piperita originated in the Mediterranean region. It has been known for its curative properties since 2000 years. Ancient Greeks and Romans used it as a perfume and a bath scent. They also used it as medicine for sore throat and hiccups.

Mint leaves contain menthol and emits a distinct aroma. Mint is an essential ingredient in the Indian cuisine and is one of the oldest herbs used for garnishing and flavoring as it adds a pleasant aroma to the food. Both fresh and dry mint leaves are used in a large number of recipes and mostly it is used in making tangy chutneys. Mint has got numerous benefits as it has both cosmetic and medicinal properties.

There are many types of mints like peppermint, apple mint, water mint, horsemint, pineapple mint, orange mint, pennyroyal and spearmint. From all of them, peppermint and spearmint are probably the most widely used species of mint. Pineapple mint gives good flavor to salads.

Mint is herb which can be easily grown in the garden and sometimes in kitchen also. It is not only tasty but also has many medicinal properties.

Mint Health Benefits

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The below are the listed Mint Health Benefits which can be used to get reliefs from day-to-day problems.

Mint Health Benefits in Daily Life

For stomach problems: Mint is used for curing upset stomachs and helps in soothing the digestive tract. Drinking herbal mint tea reduces irritated bowel syndromes, heartburn, cleanses the stomach. Mint is a good appetizer and promotes digestion. Menthol, a volatile substance contained in the essential oil of mint, shows antispasmodic properties on the smooth muscles of the digestive tract.

Morning sickness: Mint juice taken along with ginger juice and honey twice a day gives relief from morning sickness.

In Abdominal pain: In a glass of milk add few mint leaves and bring it boil. Drinking this warm milk gives relief from abdominal pain.

Mouth freshener: Mint acts as an excellent mouth freshener. Boil the mint leaves in water and allow it to cool for a while.Gargle this water get rid of bad breath.

Headaches: Herbal mint tea helps in alleviating the pain of migraine and normal headaches. Smelling mint oil also helps in reducing pain and gives relaxation to the body.

For Nausea: The strong and refreshing aroma of mint is a quick remedy for nausea. Smell the oil of mint or crushed fresh mint to get relief.

In Skin care: Mint soothes and provides a cooling sensation to the skin and can help to treat minor burns, itching sensations and skin irritations. When its paste is applied to the face it helps the skin rejuvenate and re-hydrate. It is also beneficial to cure blackheads, pimples and acne because of the high content of salicylic acid naturally present in mint. It is used in a wide variety of beauty and skin care products such as skin creams, toners, body lotions and face masks. Mint oil is widely used in making body lotions, bathing oils, soaps and skin tonics

Dental care: Mint is used for dental care because of its germicidal and freshening properties. It reduces the growth of bacteria in the mouth and combats bad breath. Crushed mint leaves helps in whitening teeth. This is the main reason behind mint being extensively used in dental products like toothpaste, mouthwash, mouth fresheners, chewing gums etc.

Anti -cancer properties: The phytonutrient, called perillyl alcohol, in mint is believed to prevent colon, skin and lung cancer. However, further human studies are needed to see if this important benefit extends to the humans.

In asthma and cough: The strong aroma of mint helps in opening up congestion of nose, throat, bronchi and lungs. It is an effective expectorant, helps in removing mucus and phlegm from the respiratory tract and provides soothing and cooling effect after break-down of cough. Hence it is used widely in inhalers, cough medicines and lozenges.

Immunity: Mint tea acts as an immune system booster, since it is rich in nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, D, E and small amount of vitamin B complex. Mint reduces the growth of fungus & bacteria in the body, and keeps the body safe and protected from many infections and inflammations.

Benefits especially for women: It helps in reducing nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy. It is also beneficial in curing menstrual cramps during periods.

 Precaution:  Nursing mothers should stay away from mint as it can decrease your milk flow.

Insect bites: Due to its antipruritic or anti-itch properties, it helps to cure insect stings and bites when used along with camphor.

The juice of mint leaves is very much beneficial for those suffering from hyperacidity. It can also help in curing hiccups.

Mint is a strong diuretic and helps in eliminating toxins from the body. It is a very good cleanser of the blood and helps in giving a glowing skin.

Hope you had good time in reading this article which covers majority of the  Mint Health Benefits in your day to day life. If you would like to add any other benefits  or cures which fit in the above category list, please let us know so that we can add them to this Mint Health Benefits article.